Norski Epoxy Carborundum

Epoxy Carborundum is an epoxy based filler with the inclusion of ‘carborundum chips’,  which means this product, when mixed correctly with it's supplied hardener is resistant to continual sliding or bashing movements against itself.

We designed this product for application on the keel of dinghy’s that are perpetually being pulled up on the beach. Regularly,  after a few years of the same sliding movement against the sand, wear is inevitable. This can clearly become a problem on more lightweight fibreglass, or even aluminium dinghy’s.

We’ve sold this to heaps of jetski owners who are sick of seeing the bottom of their jetski starting to wear out.

It's even been applied to the sides of crayfish boats where the cray pots are banging against the side of the aluminium.

Please note the image may not be an exact replication of what is shipped. 

Click here to view the safety data sheet. Base

Click here to view the safety data sheet. Hardener

Size: 750ml