Norski Kleer Kast Resin

Kleer Kast is our clear resin product typically for use with a mould and is normally used for smaller work. This polyester product is amazingly clear in it's natural state and capable of accepting our pigments, dyes and mica powders. As with all polyesters, when cured, this resin will shrink fractionally, which assists in removal from a mould. 

Normally, this product is used in a layering fashion so you can mix and pour some resin (coloured or not), allow it to cure and then mix and pour again. Some amazing effects can be created especially with the use of Norski dyes. - similar to  a child's 'traffic light drink'

Please note: the last (or top) layer of your pour will remain sticky, looking to accept another layer, however this will pass if you place your article in a warm place to allow the item to 'finish' curing, which will only take a day or two.

The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

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    Size: 250gm