Norski N°5 Epoxy Repair Kit

Norski N°5 Epoxy Repair Kit.

Our Epoxy Repair Kit contains 312mls of our famous 'Four to One' epoxy resin and a couple of sample sized bags of 'Filler Powder' and also 'Glue Powder'. The concept of adding 'Filler Powder' or 'Glue Powder' to epoxy resin is that you can adjust the viscosity of the resin and make a glue or filler of your own thickness. This can be helpful in making your glue or filler stay in place.

You can even add colouring agents to this resin! 

Larger quantities of 'Glue and Filler Powder' are available in the 'Epoxy Additives'  category of this site and the colouring agents have their own category.

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