Norski Chopped Strand Mat Pack 600gm

Specifically designed for use with our Norski Polyester Resin, this is 1 square meter of 600 gram per square meter of matting.

600 GSM (Grams per square meter) is not flexible matting and is widely stocked by our distributors. as It doesn't bend around curves and corners very well at all but offers exceptional strength for flat surfaces.

This item is used when bit more strength is required than the 450gm/meter variant.

This mat has a powdered glue embedded in it which is activated when mixed with Norski Polyester Resin and the correct amount of catalyst. And whilst this mat can be used with Norski 421 Epoxy Resin, this isn't recommended as it takes a lot more resin to wet this mat thoroughly and the epoxy resin won't activate the embedded glue.

Allow 750ml of resin per meter of mat.

This product is also supplied in a 2 meter pack variant.

Norski can offer this product in larger quantity's if you desire, just give us a call to check the rate for your requirements and we will will ship your desired length of 1M wide mat.

Size: 1 Square Meter Pack